Logical Reasoning Passages Based MCQ 4

Directions: read the following passage and answer the questions that follow

India's economy is experiencing remarkable growth, with its recent GDP surpassing USD 3.5 trillion and expected to exceed USD 3.7 trillion in 2023. Drawing comparisons to China's economic situation in 2007, Moody's analysis highlights some similarities but underscores significant differences that will shape India's future growth trajectory.

One crucial disparity lies in the investment ratios of the two countries. China consistently allocated around 40% of its GDP to investments, fueling rapid economic expansion. In contrast, India's investment ratio during its high-growth phase remained around 33%, lower than China's. The twin balance sheet issue, hampering India's investment landscape, has led to a slowdown. Worsening current account and fiscal deficits may exacerbate external imbalances, hindering growth.

Another notable difference is the composition of exports and imports. While India's exports reached USD 770 billion in fiscal year 2022-23, China's exports had already exceeded USD 1.2 trillion in 2007, driven primarily by goods rather than services. China's higher level of integration into the global economy is reflected in its imports of USD 950 billion. Furthermore, China's consistent reduction in tariff rates facilitated its integration into global trade, whereas India's tariff rate has been increasing, potentially hindering its integration and investment prospects.

Labor force participation and employment generation also differ between the two nations. China has historically maintained a high labor force participation rate, while India lags behind. Moreover, limited job opportunities in the formal manufacturing sector hinder India's growth potential, despite its productivity advantages over other sectors.

The participation of women in the labor force presents another contrast. China experienced a decline in female labor force participation from 66% in 2007 to 61% in 2022, while India's female participation rate was significantly lower at 30% in 2007 and dropped further to 24% in 2022.

Despite these differences, some similarities can be observed. Both countries have a significant labor force engaged in agriculture, industry, and services. The decline in the agricultural workforce is a shared trend, which raises questions about future employment prospects for those transitioning away from this sector in India.

To unlock its full potential, India must focus on specific strategies moving forward. Encouraging investment, boosting exports, enhancing female labor force participation, generating employment in formal manufacturing, and maintaining a favorable investment climate are key priorities. Emphasizing education, skill development, strengthening infrastructure, and fostering regional and international collaborations are also crucial to India's growth.

India's immense market, abundant labor force, and stable government make it an attractive destination for global businesses. By implementing reforms, creating a conducive business environment, and improving competitiveness on the global stage, India can solidify its position as an enticing hub for businesses worldwide. With strategic measures, India can propel itself toward sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Which of the following best captures the notion behind the author penning this passage?

What is the tone of the passage and the author regarding India's current economic situation and its potential for growth?

Statement: "The twin deficit problem (Current Account Deficit (CAD) and Fiscal Deficit), especially the worsening current account deficit, may compound the effect of costlier imports, and weaken the value of the rupee thereby further aggravating external imbalances." Which of the following best describes the role of the above statement in the context of the passage?

Which of the following is a fact from the passage rather than a claim?

Which one of the following is the most suited title for this passage?

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Logical Reasoning Passages Based MCQ 4

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