Eligibility criteria for BSC in computer Science under Delhi University

Oct 29, 2023


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A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc (CS)) is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of computer science. This program typically spans three years and is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of computing and software development. Students in this program learn about computer architecture, software engineering, programming languages, algorithms, data structures, and other fundamental topics in the field of computer science.

Key Characteristics of BSC Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc (CS)) degree program has some important qualities:

  • Computer Basics: B.Sc. (CS) teaches students the important technical stuff about computers. They learn about how computers work, making computer programs, and using computer tools. This helps them get ready for jobs in the computer world
  • Problem Solving: B.Sc. (CS) shows students how to solve tricky problems using computer ideas and tools. They learn how to find and understand problems, make solutions, and check if they work. These skills are useful in many types of jobs.
  • Data Skills: B.Sc. (CS) teaches students how to collect, study, and understand data. They learn how to use numbers and computer smarts to get important information from data. These skills are needed in jobs like money, health, and marketing.
  • Talking and Writing: B.Sc. (CS) teaches students to talk and write well. They learn how to make clear documents, give talks, and work with others on projects. These skills are important in any job.
  • Being Creative: B.Sc. (CS) encourages students to be creative and think up new ideas. They learn to come up with fresh ideas and make new solutions to problems. These skills are wanted by employers in the tech world and other fields too.

Fields of Study in BSC Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.Sc. (CS)) program teaches a lot of different things, like:

  • Computer Basics: This is about how computers are made and how they work, both inside and with the programs they use.

  • Software Building: This is about creating computer programs, like apps and software, and making sure they work well.

  • Computer Languages: This is about the different languages computers use to understand and follow instructions. It’s like teaching computers how to do things.

  • Solving Problems: This is about finding smart ways to solve problems using computers. It’s like figuring out the best way to do things with computers.

  • Data Organization: This is about how to keep data in computers so they can find it quickly and use it easily.

  • Databases: This is about how to make, use, and manage big collections of data in computers.

In addition to these topics, B.Sc. (CS) programs also offer other classes you can choose from, like:

  • Cloud Computing: This is about using the internet to store and use data and programs.

  • Data Science: This is about studying and understanding data to make good decisions.

  • Game Making: This is about creating computer games.

  • Art and Design: This is about creating pictures, animations, and cool stuff you see on screens.

  • How People Use Computers: This is about how people interact with computers, like touch screens and voice commands.

  • Robots: This is about creating and controlling robots.

  • Making Sure Software Works: This is about testing software to make sure it works without errors.


B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science

Domain/ General/ Optional Languages mapped to the Programmes

Any one from Section I + Mathematics/Applied Mathematics + Any two from Section II


According to the paragraph, the eligibility criteria for the program are as follows:
  • Candidates must appear in CUET in the following subject combination:

    • Any one language from List A
    • Mathematics/Applied Mathematics
    • Any two subjects out of which one should be from List B1
  • Merit will be based on the CUET scores obtained from the above-mentioned combination of subjects.

In other words, candidates must take the CUET exam in three subjects: one language from List A, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, and two other subjects, one of which must be from List B1. Their score on the CUET exam will be used to determine their merit for admission to the program.

Here is a more concise version of the eligibility criteria:

Candidates must take the CUET exam in one language from List A, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, and two other subjects, one of which must be from List B1. Their CUET score will be used to determine their merit for admission to the program.

Career prospects:

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.Sc. (CS)) is a very popular and wanted college degree all over the world. People who finish this degree are wanted by many types of businesses, like tech companies, money firms, hospitals, and schools.

People who get a B.Sc. (CS) degree can have these common jobs:
  • Software Engineer: They make computer programs, from simple ones for websites to complex systems for big companies.

  • Web Developer: Web developers make and look after websites. They use different computer languages to make websites work well and look nice.

  • Mobile App Developer: They make apps for phones and tablets. These apps help people do things easily. Mobile app developers use computer languages and tools to create user-friendly apps.

  • Data Scientist: Data scientists work with data to find important information. They help businesses make good choices and improve how they work.

  • Machine Learning Engineer: These engineers create smart computer programs that can learn from data. These programs can do things like predict the weather or make decisions.

  • Information Security Analyst: They keep computer systems and networks safe from bad people. They find and fix security problems to protect data and information.

If you have any further questions or need additional guidance, please feel free to reach out our website [careerleaders.in]

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Eligibility criteria for BSC in computer Science under Delhi University


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