Eligibility Criteria for Economics (Hon) under Delhi University

Oct 26, 2023


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Delhi University (DU), renowned for its academic excellence, offers the highly sought-after Economics (Honours) program. This comprehensive undergraduate course, spanning three years, equips students with a robust foundation in economic theory, analysis, and policy. To embark on this academic journey, prospective students must navigate through stringent eligibility criteria and an intricate admission process.

Admission to the Economics (Honours) program at Delhi University (DU) demands that candidates meticulously fulfill the following pivotal prerequisites:

Class 12 Qualification:

  • Candidates must have satisfactorily completed the Class 12 examination or an equivalent examination acknowledged by DU. This academic milestone serves as the foundational stepping stone.

Minimum Marks Mandate:

  • A defining feature of this program is the insistence on candidates securing a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate in their Class 12 results. This stringent criterion underscores the competitiveness and academic rigor associated with Economics (Honours).

Mathematics Proficiency:

  • Proficiency in Mathematics is non-negotiable. Candidates are required to have studied Mathematics during their Class 12 education. Mathematics serves as the lynchpin for comprehending intricate economic principles and conducting nuanced analytical research. A strong foundation in this subject is invaluable.

Understanding the Importance of Mathematics:

  • Mathematics is integral to economic analysis, allowing students to handle complex data and formulate precise models. Candidates should embrace Mathematics as an indispensable tool for economic reasoning and critical thinking.

Scoring Strategy:

  • As the program is highly competitive, candidates should devise a strategic approach to secure the minimum 60% mark threshold. Regular practice, thorough understanding of mathematical concepts, and seeking assistance when needed can contribute to success.

Academic Resources:

  • Utilize educational resources such as textbooks, online courses, and academic support to enhance mathematical skills. A solid grasp of mathematical concepts facilitates not only admission but also success in the program.

Additional Eligibility Criteria:

Beyond the fundamental prerequisites, Delhi University (DU) colleges may introduce additional conditions that applicants must meet for admission to the Economics (Honours) program. These supplementary requirements serve to further refine the pool of candidates and ensure a well-rounded and academically competitive student body.

Subject Specifics:

  • Several colleges affiliated with DU may stipulate that candidates have pursued and excelled in Business Studies and Economics during their Class 12 education. This emphasis on commerce-related subjects underscores the program’s focus on economic concepts and principles.

Points to Note:

    • Applicants should consider these specific subject requirements when selecting their Class 12 coursework. Engaging with Business Studies and Economics courses can significantly enhance eligibility.
    • A strong foundation in commerce-related subjects equips candidates with relevant knowledge and a smoother transition into the program.

Higher Minimum Percentage Thresholds:

  • While the fundamental requirement for the Economics (Honours) program is a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate for Class 12, candidates should be aware that certain DU colleges establish higher percentage thresholds.

Varied Minimum Marks Requirements:

  • Some colleges may necessitate that candidates achieve a minimum of 65% marks in aggregate for admission, while others may set an even higher bar at 70%.

Key Considerations:

  • Candidates should meticulously research and ascertain the specific minimum marks requirements of the DU colleges they are interested in. Different colleges may have varying expectations, and meeting these thresholds is crucial for consideration.

Admission Process:

The admission process for the Economics (Honours) program at Delhi University is a multifaceted journey, encompassing several critical components. Aspiring students should gain a comprehensive understanding of these key principles to navigate the process successfully:

Centralized Admission System:

  • Delhi University follows a centralized admission system, streamlining the application process for all its undergraduate programs. This centralized approach simplifies the application procedure, making it more accessible for candidates. The DU UG Admission Portal functions as the central hub where applicants can submit their applications for the Economics (Honours) program.

Benefits of Centralization:

  • A centralized system enhances efficiency, ensuring that candidates can apply to multiple DU colleges and programs with ease. It eliminates the need for separate applications to each institution, providing convenience and consistency.

Merit-Based Selection Criteria:

  • Delhi University upholds a merit-based admission system, with academic performance in Class 12 serving as the primary criterion for candidate selection. To excel in this aspect, candidates should focus on achieving excellence in their Class 12 studies.

Emphasis on Minimum Marks Requirement:

  • Meeting the minimum marks requirement of 60% in Class 12 is paramount. Candidates should strive to not only meet but exceed this threshold to enhance their chances of securing admission.

Competitive Nature:

  • The merit-based system underscores the competitive nature of the Economics (Honours) program. Candidates should embrace academic rigor, effective study strategies, and consistent performance.

Preparation for Class 12:

  • Candidates should be proactive in their preparations for the Class 12 examinations, dedicating time to strengthen their academic knowledge and problem-solving skills. Consistent study routines, practice tests, and diligent note-taking can be beneficial in achieving academic excellence.

Selection of Colleges and Programs:

  • Delhi University offers a multitude of colleges and programs. Prospective students should carefully select their preferred DU colleges and the Economics (Honours) program. This decision should align with their academic goals and interests.

Understanding Minimum Marks Variations:

  • As certain DU colleges set higher percentage thresholds for admission, candidates should carefully research the specific minimum marks requirements of the institutions they aspire to join. Meeting these higher thresholds may require additional effort and dedication.

Preparation for Economics (Honours) Admission:

To prepare for admission to the Economics (Honours) program at DU, candidates should adopt a multi-faceted approach:
  • Academic Focus: Class 12 is a critical phase in the admission journey. Candidates should prioritize their studies, particularly in Mathematics, Business Studies, and Economics. Building a profound understanding of these subjects is vital.

  • Problem Solving and Mock Tests: Practice solving problems and take mock tests in Mathematics, Business Studies, and Economics. These practice exercises sharpen problem-solving skills and enhance exam readiness.

  • Stay Informed: Regularly monitor the latest admission updates and announcements from DU. Understanding deadlines and requirements is essential for a successful application.

  • College-Specific Information: In-depth research of the specific admission requirements of colleges you plan to apply to is crucial. Visit college websites to gather comprehensive details about unique prerequisites.

Additional Tips for Economics (Honours) Admission:

  • Apply to multiple colleges to increase your chances of securing admission.
  • Maintain a high academic performance in Class 12, especially in Mathematics, Business Studies, and Economics.
  • Engage in consistent problem-solving and take mock tests to build confidence.
  • Keep a close eye on the latest admission updates and announcements from DU.
  • For colleges that conduct entrance exams, thoroughly prepare by studying the syllabus and practicing sample questions.


success in gaining admission to the Economics (Honours) program at Delhi University requires a combination of meeting stringent eligibility criteria and strategic preparations. With determination and commitment, students can embark on an enriching academic journey in the field of economics.

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Eligibility Criteria for Economics (Hon) under Delhi University


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