Eligibility Criteria for BA in Eng (hons)

Oct 30, 2023


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The BA in English Honours program is an academically rigorous journey that explores a wide spectrum of subjects, including:

  • English Language Studies: This segment encompasses an in-depth study of English grammar, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.
  • English Literature Studies: It delves into British and American literature and also extends to world literature in English translations.
  • Critical Theory: This involves the exploration of various approaches to literary criticism, such as structuralism, post-structuralism, and feminist criticism.
  • Creative Writing: Students explore different creative writing genres, including fiction, poetry, and drama.

Key Characteristics of BA in English Honours

Here are some important things to know about a BA in English Honours degree:
  • English Language and Literature Focus: This degree teaches you a lot about the English language and its literature. You learn about how the language developed, its grammar, and the different kinds of writing.

  • Challenging Studies: This program can be quite tough. You’ll read a lot, write a lot, and think very carefully. You need to really understand English literature and its history.

  • Connections to Other Subjects: Sometimes, you’ll learn how literature is connected to other fields like history, philosophy, and politics.

  • Creative Writing: You also get to try your hand at creative writing. You can write stories, poems, and plays.

  • Connections to Other Subjects: Sometimes, you’ll learn how literature is connected to other fields like history, philosophy, and politics.

  • Thinking and Talking Well: This program helps you think better and speak and write more clearly. You learn to read and understand texts, come up with your own ideas, and explain them effectively.

Fields of Study of BA in English Honours

In a BA in English Honours program, you learn about lots of different things, such as:

  • American Literature: You also study American literature from a long time ago to now. You read and think about books written by famous American writers like Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, Twain, and Faulkner.

  • World Literature in English: You learn about literature from all over the world, but it’s translated into English. You read books by big authors from different countries, like Tagore, Narayan, Rushdie, and Márquez.

  • Different Ways to Look at Literature: You learn about different ideas and theories for thinking about literature. Some people look at stories one way, others look at them in a different way. You try out these ideas when you talk about books.

  • Creative Writing: You also get to try your hand at writing your own stories, poems, and plays. You’ll get better at writing through practice and getting feedback.

Other than these main things, your program might offer classes in:
  • English Language: This is about how the English language works, its history, and its structure.
  • Postcolonial Literature: You study books from countries that were once ruled by European powers.
  • Children’s Literature: You look at books written for kids and teenagers.
  • Movies: You learn about the art and history of films.
  • Women’s Literature: You read books written by women.
  • Translation: You learn about how to translate from one language to another.


BA in English Honours

Domain/ General/ Optional Languages mapped to the Programmes

Domain General Optional
English Language Studies English Any language other than English
English Literature Studies English Any language other than English
Critical Theory English Any language other than English
Creative Writing English Any language other than English


These are the rules you need to follow to be able to join a BA in English Honours program. Different colleges might have slightly different rules, but here are some common ones:

  • You should have finished your 10+2 or something similar from a good school.
  • You need to have at least 50% marks in English in your 10+2.
  • Some colleges might want you to have studied certain subjects like English, Hindi, or Math in 10+2.
  • You might have to take an entrance exam like the CUET in some colleges.
  • Sometimes there could be extra rules like a minimum age or being physically fit.
Tips to Meet These Criteria:
  • It’s smart to start thinking about this early because a lot of students want to get into these programs, and it can be tough.
  • Make sure you meet the academic requirements. This means you need to have good marks in English and the right subjects in your 10+2.
  • If you have to take an entrance exam, like the CUET, start getting ready for it early. There are practice papers and study guides that can help you.
  • You’ll need to gather some documents, like your marksheets and certificates, to show you’re eligible. Make sure you have them ready before you apply.

Career prospects:

BA in English Honours grads have pretty good job options. They’re wanted in many fields like:

  • Teaching: You can become a teacher in different schools and colleges. You could also help make study plans or do research in education.
  • Media and Writing: You could work for newspapers, magazines, websites, or TV and radio. Writing, editing, or making content could be your job.
  • Publishing: In this field, you can become an editor, check for mistakes in writing, or write for publishing companies. You could also be a literary agent or help publicize books.
  • Public Relations: Companies, groups, or the government might want you to help them with their image. You could write press releases, plan events, or manage social media.
  • Marketing and Advertising: You could work for businesses and groups, writing stuff for their websites, ads, and brochures. You might even make marketing plans.
  • Business and Management: Your good communication and writing skills can help in different business jobs like human resources, project management, or giving advice.
  • Government: The government needs people who can understand things and write well. You could work as a policy analyst, speechwriter, or in communication roles.
If you have any further questions or need additional guidance, please feel free to reach out our website [careerleaders.in]

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Eligibility Criteria for BA in Eng (hons)


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